US BioTek and RealTime Labs Acquisition

RTL Staff 03/19/2024

US BioTek Laboratories Acquires RealTime Laboratories, expanding testing menus and increasing capacity for innovation.

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Using Saunas for Detoxification

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 10/27/2023

We recently talked about how important glutathione is for detoxification, and in this

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Glutathione: Why is it important for detox & how to improve the amount in your body

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 08/31/2023

This month’s blog is focusing on what I consider one of the most

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Is your indoor environment making your pet sick?

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 06/28/2023

Today I’m tackling the question “Is your indoor environment making your pet sick?”

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Are there mycotoxins in your food or coffee?

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 05/08/2023

In this month’s blog I’m answering everyone’s most common question: “Are there mycotoxins

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Assessing your Exposure to Glyphosate

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 04/11/2023

We are extremely excited about our new Glyphosate Exposure Analysis Test.  Today I’ll be talking about what glyphosate is, how it can affect your health, and how to potentially deal with it

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Home testing for mold and mycotoxin

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 03/14/2023

Welcome back to the RTL blog.  Recently, I discussed what symptoms could indicate

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Symptoms of mold and mycotoxins

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 02/15/2023

Hello Everyone, Welcome back to the RTL blog.  In today’s blog I will

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Welcoming Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt Back to RTL

Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt 01/11/2023

I’m back! Let me re-introduce myself for those that don’t know me yet. 

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