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RealTime Lab is an Out-Of-Network provider with all insurance companies including all Medicare Advantage plans. Our lab will file your insurance claim electronically for each patient for an additional fee of $30 (this excludes all Medicare Advantage claims – patients must file themselves). If patients are choosing this option, please initial in the appropriate area on the credit card authorization form and include the additional fee in the total price of the test.

  • Provide Copy of Insurance card (front and back)
  • Provide Copy of Picture Identification for Patient (If not a minor)
  • Provide Copy of Picture Identification for Primary Insured (other than the patient)
  • Provide Primary Insured Date of Birth (if not already on picture identification card)

Our Medicare Patients:​

RealTime Lab is an Authorized Medicare Provider

  • $30 Insurance filing fee is waived
  • Please Note: Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) of Non-Coverage located on the second page. Read and check off the test that you are taking and the options that are appropriate to you and your situation.
  • Date and sign the ABN form
  • Provide Copy of your Medicare Insurance card (front and back)
  • Provide Copy of Picture Identification for Patient (i.e. driver’s license)
  • RTL does not file claims for any Supplemental Medicare plans; therefore full payment for your test will be required

Our Tricare Patients:

RealTime Labs is a Tricare Authorized, Non-Network Provider and will submit the claim on behalf of the patient directly to Tricare.

  • Provide your Tricare Benefits Card along with the date of birth of the primary insuredTricare patients will go through a verification process.
  • Payment for testing must be pre-paid according to the allowable charges.
  • As a Non-network (RTL) provider there will be and additional fee not to exceed 115 percent of the Tricare allowable rates.
  • Reimbursement to the patient will come directly from Tricare

You can visit for more information.

Please mail the above appropriate document along with your specimens. If any of the above information is omitted or not legible, the insurance claim will not be filed on your behalf. We will notify you by phone or email of any missing required information. Your specimen will be put ON HOLD until someone on staff has contacted you.

Note: Tricare require that the referring provider gives diagnosis codes (dx) in ICD-10 format. In order to ensure timely verification and the filing of the claim, Please submit all the diagnosis codes appropriate for the patient’s testing.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form and our Insurance Department will contact you.

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