Pet Mycotoxin Testing

Are your pets suffering from black mold poisoning?


Just as with humans, mycotoxins can be potentially hazardous to our pets. Animals can be highly susceptible to mold-related illnesses in the home as they are much lower to the ground where dangerous mycotoxin mold spores often lie. They too can be affected by exposure, yet we often aren’t aware of what to look for. Alternately, symptoms can also be similar in nature to that of other illnesses.

Animals can inhale or have an allergic reaction to mycotoxin exposure. Symptoms include respiratory distress, loss of appetite, bleeding from the nose or mouth, and changes in the skin or fur. As mentioned above, symptoms often mimic those of other illnesses, so it’s prudent to examine the health of your entire home to see if mycotoxins are playing a factor in your family’s well-being. Talk to your veterinarian for more information on the dangers of mycotoxins and your pets.  

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