INGA ( Integrative Nutritional Genetic Analysis)




RealTime Laboratories, Inc. (RTL) is introducing another new advancement in patient awareness which helps the patient in a pathway to Nutragenic Care.  This test is being offered through the joint cooperation of Rutgers and RTL.  A new advancement in technology allows the laboratory the ability to measure approximately 602,000 pieces of your DNA. This is done through a simple saliva test.

This is PERSONALIZED MEDICINE at its finest.  This is an important development because everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA.  These variants were once thought to be a rare occurrence but it is now known that everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA.  These variants can impact a person’s ability to make and use different nutrients critical to circulation, immune health, and emotional health.

These variants occur because genetic information is copied wrong when the cell is dividing. This variant is called a single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP.  Most SNPs don’t cause any observable differences. Most SNPs do not cause any observable differences.  The location and total number of SNPs a person has may influence their susceptibility to health issues or even how the patient reacts to certain medications of specific foods.

Through genetic saliva testing, the ability to make and use enzymes that are critical components of health can be measured. The pathways and their variants include:

  • Glutathione – detoxifies the body and controls inflammation
  • SuperOxide Dimutase (SOD) – neutralizes the superoxide free radical
  • BH4 – supports neurotransmitters and the body detox ammonia
  • Neurotransmitters – aids in emotional health
  • Choline – enhances liver health
  • Folate – simulates cell and neurotransmitter health
  • SAMe – supports many bodily functions
  • B12 – makes blood cells and supports the health of the nervous system

When all of the above are in balance, the enzymes control free radicals, keep cells healthy, and helps rebuild new cells effectively.  Using the results of the saliva test, we will identify your nutritional weaknesses and create your custom nutritional protocol. It will supplement your missing nutrients and antioxidants.  This is a nutritional genetic analysis test AND NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TEST.  The patient or doctor may order this test through RTL.


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