Mycotoxin Consultation With A PhD



Have technical questions about your mycotoxin test? Schedule a 15-min a phone consultation with Shalini Muralidhar, PhD.

Physician consultations are free, please call 972-492-0419 ex. 116

After you make your purchase, please follow the links on your order confirmation page to schedule your consultation with Dr. Shalini Muralidhar. You will need your order number to complete the scheduling.

Our medical team will contact you at the scheduled appointment time.

** Please allow 4-6 weeks for your test report**

*Please schedule your phone consultation AFTER you receive your test report*

Cancellation Policy:  The charge amount may be credited in full only if you cancel your consultation a minimum of one (1) business day in advance of your scheduled consultation time.  Should a consultation need to be rescheduled and less than one (1) business days’ notice is given, no charge will be applied.

To reschedule:

  1. Cancel the original appointment
  2. Go to your confirmation email for your original appointment
  3. Click the link to schedule a new appointment.
  4. Use same order number of the original appointment
  5. Schedule a new appointment


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