Aspergillus Ochraceus Testing

Aspergillus ochraceus

Mycotoxin: Ochratoxin A

Health Effects: Ochratoxin A has been shown to interfere with cellular physiology in multiple ways. It inhibits synthesis of phenylalanine t-RNA complex, inhibits mitochondrial ATP production, and stimulates lipid peroxidation. It has been demonstrated to be Nephrotoxic, Hepatotoxic, and Carcinogenic and is a potent teratogen and immune-suppressant. It has also been associated with urinary tract infections and bladder cancers. Ochratoxin has been detected in blood and other animal tissues and milk, including human milk.

Aspergillus species like Aspergillus Ochraceus are normally found in coffee beans, tree nuts and other foods that attract mold. It is important to stop production of this fungus and other similiar fungi in the Aspergillus family as they can have toxic effects on humans after contamination and exposure.