Inhalent Allergen Panel

RealTime Lab uses a modified RAST Test to measure circulating IgE antibodies and the sensitization to a wide variety of commonly encountered inhaled allergens. A radioallergosorbent test (RAST) is a blood test used to determine the substances a subject is allergic to. This is different from a skin allergy test, which determines allergy by the reaction of a person’s skin to different substances. There are a number of advantages of a RAST test vs. conventional skin testing, including:

  • A simple blood draw minimizes patient discomfort and significantly reduces both staff and patient time spent on allergy testing.
  • Unlike skin tests, a RAST test is not dependent on skin conditions and can be used on any patient.
  • Patients can continue allergy medication use. Skin testing mandates the patient be off many medications for two weeks prior to testing.
  • Not subject to the skin test technique used, or the reading and interpretation of skin reactions by the person performing the test.
  • A cost-effective screen performed along with a Total IgE can often rule out allergy as the cause of patient symptoms prompting the Physician to pursue other diagnoses.
  • Positive RAST results are accurately quantified allowing the patient to start immunotherapy at an optimal dose for the level of the patient’s sensitivity to each allergen. Reduces potential for adverse reactions.
  • Results in cost savings.
  • Eliminates treating allergy symptoms in negative patients.
  • Effective Allergy treatment lowers emergency room visits.
  • Accurate diagnoses allow patients to avoid some allergic triggers.
  • Reduces the time span of immunotherapy before achieving results.

P5016 Inhalent Panel

  • A1000 Bermuda
  • A1001 Rye
  • A1002 Johnson
  • A1003 Bahia
  • A1004 Common Ragweed
  • A1005 Wormwood
  • A1006 English Plantain
  • A1007 Lamb’s Quarters
  • A1008 Russian Thistle
  • A1009 Marshheilder
  • A1010 Firebush (Kochia)
  • A1011 Pigweed (Carelessweed)
  • A1012 Dock (Sorrel)
  • A1013 Maple (Box Elder)
  • A1014 Mountain Cedar
  • A1015 Oak, Live
  • A1016 Elm, American
  • A1017 Cottonwood
  • A1018 Pecan
  • A1019 Cat
  • A1020 Dog
  • A1021 Mite (d. farina)
  • A1022 Mite (d. pteronyssinus)
  • A1023 Cockroach

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