The DNA and the Future of Human Health and Nutrition

It is apparent that the DNA is continuously impacting human health and transforming the future of nutrition. It is possible to determine how well you can create and use enzymes that are critical to your health.  Then our team of well-trained nutritional consultants will proceed to identify any dietary inconsistencies you may be experiencing, including the absence or insufficient amount of nutrients or antioxidants.  If any, we proceed to draw up a personalized nutritional protocol for you, according to your genetics. This protocol aims to supplement missing or insufficient nutrients and antioxidants.  When present in the right amount, these nutrients will improve the production of crucial enzymes, and eventually reduce damaging oxidants while creating and supporting healthy cells.  Further recommendations, when needed, could also include detoxification therapies and dietary changes. We will be with you at every step of the way, ensuring proper monitoring and appropriate adjustments as and when due.  While the destination remains the maintenance protocol, the pathway to this is often the various phases of nutritional support.  And the ultimate goal is to find lasting solutions to all issues and then create a maintenance program that meets all your nutritional health requirements. By leveraging on this progressive approach of providing adequate help and support to genetic variants, we have been able to find excellent solutions and answers to a host of health challenges, more than ever before.

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