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Hello everyone,

Well this post is not the most exciting, but it’s a necessary process.  Here at RTL we are striving to produce accurate, fast, and affordable testing.  In this regard we are updating how we are distributing our results to our clients.  We have been working with a third-party programming company to provide us with a portal to make it easier for all of our providers to access their clients’ data.  So today I’m going to walk us through the process of signing up and accessing your patients’ data.

  1.  First you need to go to our portal website.  You can reach that from our website or through this link:  https://rtl-prod.realtimelab.com/uniflow?stepName=Completed%20Reports&updateStepGroups=true&userStepGroups=Reports
  2. If you forgot your password, or we did not assign you a password you can click the “Forgot Password” button.  It will bring you up to this page.
  3.  After you log in you will get a page like the one below.  All of your results will be included in the portal.

  4. If you want to change your password/email/phone number. There is a reporting and user tab at the top of the screen. By changing the tab from (reports) to (reporting and users) this screen will appear.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to have multiple emails in the system is that possible?
Yes. We can have multiple e-mails tied to one account

Will I receive e-mails notifying me when results are in my portal?
Yes. Whenever results are placed in your portal you and all authorized users will receive an email.

What if I don’t see a results from a patient I know I sent in?
Please contact [email protected].

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