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What are Mycotoxins?

Most consumers are unaware of the exposure to toxic molds infested in their homes, office or schools. But most of the time, these microorganisms are difficult to detect because their development is not visible macroscopically and their detection requires a specific mycological analysis. Unfortunately, some types of mold can cause damage to the human body,

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Is Black Mold Airborne?

Mold spores and their mycotoxins (secondary metabolite) are very small and difficult to detect except thru testing until a colony has grown to a significant size.  Mold and mycotoxins, in fact, are so small and lightweight they can subsequently become aerosolized with normal air velocity and circulation found in the indoor environment (ie. ceiling fans,

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Toxic Black Mold & Your Lungs

We know airborne mold and mycotoxins, in the indoor environment, can deeply penetrate into the respiratory tract.  Many respiratory symptoms have been associated with mold exposure: Asthma Inflammation Difficulty Breathing Cough Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Pulmonary Fibrosis Acute Pulmonary Hemorrhage We know thru research Aspergillus fumigatus has been identified as the major causative agent in

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