International Symposium for Fungal Metabolite Treatments 2018

Evaluation & Treatment of Mold Toxicity
with the Use of Mycotoxin Assays

Neil Nathan, M.D.

Is My House Making Me Sick?
A Look at Proper Mold Assessments

Mr. William Nicholl

Environmental Aspects of Mold and Mycotoxins
and the Approach to Treatment

William J. Rea, M.D <./h6>

Dirt and It's Protective Mechanisms for Patients

Maya Shetreat M.D.

Management of Mold Toxicity in the Patient with
Mediated Neuroninflammatory Disease

Dr. Gary Kaplan, MD

Mycotoxins: The Hidden Menace

Mark Filidei, M.D.

The Anatomy of a Legal Case, Part One

Mr. Larry Parrish, ESQ

The Anatomy of a Legal Case, Part Two

Changes in Production Glutathione SNPs,
ChIPs and Dips and Their Management

Fredrick T. Guilford, M.D.

Clinical and Consumer Applications Using Microarrays
and Other Genotyping Technologies

Mr. Alexander Axt